Things To Avoid When Styling and Caring For Your Daughter’s Hair

May 25 2022

Caring for your daughter’s hair is an important task, and it is a continuous cycle. And there is a ton of misinformation in the world on proper care and technique. Here at Just For girls, we believe that proper hair care is incredibly important, from proper protective styling to the products you use. So we are here to let you know the do’s and don’ts when dealing with a child’s hair. 


Super Tight Hairstyles


Children’s scalps are at their most delicate, and forcing a tight hairstyle can encourage hair breakage, thinning, and headaches. Protective styles are absolutely important of course, however, if you do choose tighter hairstyles, make sure to let your child’s scalp rest as well. Change the parts you make so that they’re not in the same place each time.


Painful Wash Days 


Children can get bored easily. And as such, if their hair being washed takes a long time and is too boring, you may find that they dread that day. Find a way to make it fun. Turn on a cartoon they enjoy or the soundtrack from a movie they love. Make it a positive experience and teach your daughter to love taking care of her hair. 


Unhealthy Diets 


A healthy diet creates healthy hair. Of course, as long as your child’s stomach is full that is what is most important. You do what you can. But a healthy diet can reflect healthy hair.


Rubber Bands


Rubber bands aren’t good for hair, period. The friction they produce is damaging, especially when your hair is already prone to drying out. They pull, they’re uncomfortable, they’re difficult to remove, and as anyone who has used rubber bands in place of an elastic, they rarely come out alone, as typically, they will pull hairs out with them. 


Tons of Product


A child’s hair is still young. Typically, using things such as coconut oil, gentle, moisturizing shampoo, and a hydrating conditioner should be sufficient at this stage in life. Use what you need, and you can add on as needed, but keeping your routine as simple and hassle-free as possible will be easier for both you and your daughter. 


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