Choosing the Right Time & Tips for Your Child’s First Haircut

September 15 2021

If you’re a first-time parent, taking care of your child’s natural hair can be a real learning experience, from taking the time and TLC for washing, combing and styling their little curls to knowing when is the right time for their first haircut, as well as making them feel comfortable in the salon. 

At Just 4 Girls Salon, we know that deciding when to get their first trim can be a hard decision, so we’ve put together some things to consider about this special milestone. 

When is the right time? It’d be nice if there was a timeline for everyone to follow. However, it all depends on the hair your baby was born with. If your little one was born with long, gorgeous curls, they’ll need a trim sooner than a bald baby. The growth rate for every child’s hair is different, as is the overall health of their hair. Paying attention to both will help you determine when it’s time. 

  • Hair in their eyes. If your baby is bothered by their hair and is always trying to push it aside, it’s time for a trim.
  • Uneven growth. Sometimes different areas of the head grow hair faster than others. A trim can even it out and help it grow in better. 
  • Trouble maintaining it. If it’s hard to detangle, comb and style, or if it’s taking a long time, or if your child is seeing it as torture, let our Just 4 Girls stylist give them a cut that is easy to maintain. 
  • Everlasting bed-head. When hair gets too unruly, especially fine, wispy, baby hair, the best thing to do is even out the length with a trim. 

Some parents decide on timing to coincide with something for their curly kiddo’s first haircut. 

Celebrate their first haircut with their first birthday. Many parents choose to do the first haircut when their child turns one. It’s a great way to celebrate both special milestones together. If there’s curl galore and you want a trim to make sure they stay healthy, this could be a great opportunity for the baby book. However, if they are still in that shy stage or their hair isn’t long enough yet and it’s healthy, it might be unnecessary. 

Take baby steps. The first time getting a haircut can be an emotional time for both your baby and you! Seeing your baby growing up into a big kid can be hard, and their first haircut can be a trying time for your little one. For their first haircut, you might consider a small trim instead of taking a lot off. It will give you a lock of their hair, it will help to make their hair more manageable, and it will guarantee that they aren’t in the chair for too long and can put their mind at ease of what’s expected with a haircut and to show them it isn’t scary. 

Once you know it’s time, there are some things you can do to prepare your child for their first haircut. 

  • The time is right. Make sure to schedule your child’s cut when they are most likely to be happy and playful, not tired and hungry. 
  • Practice at home. Going through the motions at home with the steps they’ll experience at the salon can be a fun playtime exercise and can help them feel more comfortable. 
  • Seeing is believing. Arrive at our salon a little early and let your child see other kids getting their haircuts. Seeing others enjoying their haircut can help to put them at ease. 
  • Relax and be positive. Your child feeds off your attitude. If you’re stressed out, they will be too. At the salon, be positive and put aside those sad feelings that your baby is growing up. 
  • Bring reinforcements. Allow them to bring their favorite stuffed animal, doll, or small toy. Letting them hold something familiar can soothe any anxiety they feel.

Our staff is experts when it comes to children’s hair and knows how to put your child at ease so that they enjoy their first haircut. Just 4 Girls Salon is here to help and we look forward to working with you and your child! Call or visit one of our two convenient locations today at 568 Fayetteville Rd SE in Atlanta (678) 927-0554 or 1295 W Spring St STE 101 (inside Smyrna Market Village) (678) 391-4622 or book for any location online!