Hairstyles for Every Length of Hair

February 19 2020

From long locks to pixie cuts, braids to curls, many young girls like highlighting their personality through their hairstyle. Finding fun, new styles can be time-consuming, especially if the hair is shorter or transitioning to a new length. Continue reading to discover fun, cute hairstyles for any length of hair! 

Spiral Patterned Braids. This style is intricate, fun, and can be easily created on any hair length. Start with a focal point and begin braiding so that the braids lay curved around the crown toward the nape of the neck. Beads add a fun touch that can easily be changed out to create a new look anytime!

Two-strand Twist. Two-strand twists can be created on any length of hair and are super easy to maintain. Twists are a great way to explore different style options with varying thickness and hair accessories and an adorable way to protect hair, too!

Bob. Short hair can be a lot easier to maintain but can sometimes leave little options for style. There is a reason the bob hairstyle has been around for more than 100 years; it is super cute! The short bob works great for fine, straight hair.

Box Braids. Box braids are adorable and leave your little one with a lot of lengths while still protecting their hair. Adjustable metallic hair cuffs are really in style right now and offer a lot of flexibility for varying sizes of braids that beads often do not.

Sweetheart Curls. This hairstyle is a half-updo that is simple and so sweet! Two small strands of hair are brought from the temples and fastened at the back of the crown with a small band, two more strands are pulled from the front, fed under and over the first strands, back under themselves, and finally banded together below, forming a heart! The rest of the hair is then styled in loose waves or curls. 

Bow & Curls. This half-updo is so precious it's topped with a bow! The top half of the hair is first pulled up into a ponytail on the top of the head. Separating the ponytail into three strands, two for the sides and one for the center, it is transformed into a Minnie Mouse-worthy bow. The bottom half of the hair is then transformed into beautiful, tight spiral curls.   

Fishtail Braid. The fishtail braid is a unique take on traditional braiding styles. Hair is separated into two sections, rather than the standard three, to create a fun look that holds really well! Fishtail braids are so versatile and can be worn flat, off the scalp, and as single or multiple braids. 

Braided Side-Ponytail. Any number or style of braids can be used to achieve this look. The braids start on one side of the head and end in a side ponytail on the other. You, your child, and their stylist can explore different braid patterns, thickness, and styles! The ponytail can easily be braided through, pressed, or curled. Add a bow or colorful twin-bead elastics to complete the look!

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