Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Special Mother-Daughter Day

January 30 2021

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a “lovers” holiday but when you’re a mom, it also turns into a day to remind your kids just how much they mean to you. Even if you and your significant other enjoy a night out on the town and a romantic dinner, it’s also fun to make it an enjoyable mother/daughter day to create some cherished memories. 

Here are some ideas to do to make Valentine’s Day special for you and your daughter.

Shower them with hearts. You can easily find decorative hearts in all shapes and colors to hang on their bedroom door. On each heart, list something you love about them. It’s easy to decorate the night before while they are asleep and it’s a great surprise for them to find when they get up in the morning!

Write them a Valentine’s Day letter. Kids love hearing about how much you love them. Simply write a good old-fashioned letter telling them all the things you love about them. Get into the spirit by adding some bling, big hearts, confetti, and even some glitter. 

Celebrate with a Valentine’s breakfast. You can start the day off right by making their favorite breakfast (bonus point for pink pancakes, pink eggs, and pink milk) with their letter waiting for them at the table. Feeling extra creative? Add some heart shapes to your pancakes, waffles, toast, and even fruit. 

Wrap a small gift. This doesn’t have to be anything big. It can be a new headband, some new ribbons, barrettes, or scrunchies for their hair. Another favorite is nail polish, lip gloss, or a cute red shirt.  

Salon & manicure day. Start off your day with giving your daughter some time at Just 4 Girls Salon to enjoy some special attention getting their hair done. We offer a 30-minute seven braids service. Just make sure their hair is shampooed and dry before coming into the salon and make your daughter feel like a princess with some special attention. They’ll leave our salon feeling beautiful and special, so why not go one step further and enjoy a manicure and/or pedicure for the both of you at the nail salon right down the way? It’s a great opportunity for bonding time and both of you will go home looking great. 

Make cookies together. There’s something special about kids cutting their own sugar cookies in fun shapes. Make sure to get some Valentine cookie cutters and let them frost the cookies in pink frosting, tons of sprinkles, and edible glitter. It’s a great bonding experience, even though kids love to do most of the work themselves!

With a full day of some mother/daughter attention, they’ll be worn out and ready to relax and enjoy their treats from the day while you and your loved one escape for a relaxing walk, romantic dinner, or perhaps even a movie once the kids are asleep. 

If your little one is ready for a haircut, a new hairstyle, or just needs some hair care to maintain their healthy hair, we are here for you. Our professional staff at Just 4 Girls Salon is here to help and we look forward to working with you and your child! Call or visit one of our three convenient locations today at 568 Fayetteville Rd SE in Atlanta (678) 927-0554; 5245 Langford Park Dr. STE C in Norcross (470) 433-0090; or 1295 W Spring St STE 101 (inside Smyrna Market Village) (678) 391-4622 or book for any location online!