Tips For Giving Your Kids A Positive First-Time Experience At The Salon

August 24 2022

So it is time for your baby to have his or her very first professional haircut. And you want to make sure that your baby has a positive first-time experience with the salon. Well, when you walk into Just 4 Girls Salon you have taken a wonderful first step in the right direction. We want to offer nothing but the best for your children, and that is why we have some helpful tips to help even fussy children feel comfortable when they go to the salon. 

Make It Fun! 

One of the best things you can do to ease your children’s apprehension (if they’re nervous) is to make it a fun experience. Tell them that they will look really cool with whatever new hairstyle they will have. Take some time afterward to take them out for a treat, like ice cream or some time at the park. Tell them about the cool things they can find at a salon as well, like the fun chairs that can spin them around. 

Time It Right

You know your kids' schedule best. So when is the time they are most likely to be in high spirits? This can heavily depend on your children’s age- for example, a two-year-old may be happiest right after nap time. For a slightly older child, it may be best to schedule in for a weekend so it does not interfere with school or take away precious time in the evening for them to play and relax at home. Whatever the case may be, choose the time they are most likely to be in a good mood. This will greatly reduce the stress on your kids, and you, and ensure your stylist can do the best job they can. 

Be Prepared

Sometimes no matter how you plan your kids can still get bored and fussy. So make sure you have something to distract them with. You can try bringing along their favorite book and reading to them or letting them bring a toy to entertain themselves with. Bringing a piece of candy, or even a phone or tablet for them to watch cartoons on never hurt anything either. Some salons can even offer commodities to keep your children entertained while they work, however, you should call ahead and ask to make sure before coming just to make sure if you plan on relying on that. 

Pick The Right Stylist

The stylist you are scheduled with is important to keep in mind. You want to make sure who you are scheduled with is someone who is both good with kids and confident in their ability to work on children’s hair. Some stylists prefer working with adults, while others may feel perfectly comfortable with kids- so it is important to make sure the one you have is one who will give your child the best experience possible.

Use Fun Language

Oftentimes the language we use, for younger children, can be confusing. Because they are so little, there can be unfortunate lapses in communication, and your child may start anxiously anticipating this scary new experience because of this. This is why it is important to change up the words you use to something they are more familiar with and can understand. Your young child may not understand exactly what “blowdryer” means. But if you instead call it a “wind maker” or something else fun like that, they are less likely to be intimidated by it, because they know what wind is! Some babies also may not understand that “cutting” hair isn’t a painful experience. So you can instead say that they are going to have their hair done that day, so that they don’t get scared of the cut itself.

Remember, kids are still exploring and learning about the world around them, so each new experience can come with its challenges. What is important is keeping them as comfortable as they can be and going at their pace. And once it is all said and done, you can keep up with their hair care with gentle products designed to keep their hair healthy, and can even help make sure it remains damage free with a special detangling formula. 

Our great staff at Just 4 Girls Salon is ready to help and we look forward to working with you and your child! Call or visit one of our two convenient locations over at 568 Fayetteville Rd SE in Atlanta (678) 927-0554 or 1295 W Spring St STE 101 (inside Smyrna Market Village) (678) 391-4622, or you can book for any location online