Keep Your Children Comfortable Through Learning How To Identify Harmful Styling

November 11 2022

When it comes to protective styling you want to choose a good, pretty style for your daughter- and you also want to choose a stylist you can trust. Making sure the style suits her taste and is not stressful on her scalp and hair is an important aspect of styling. So you definitely do not want to accidentally give your child a style that will do more harm than good, or accept services from anyone who might give you subpar work. We think being able to identify poorly done styling is an essential part of keeping your children comfortable and keeping their hair healthy. So we want to share with you a few key red flags to ensure you can give your child the best she deserves when it comes to her hair. 


There Is Visible Tension


Visible tension in a protective style is a major red flag showing that the styling has been done wrong. This tension can not only cause pain and discomfort but damaged hair follicles as well. This can harm the hair and scalp more than actually protecting it if it is left in for too long. Make sure that if you notice this issue you have the style taken down and redone properly as soon as possible. 


Complaining With Frequent Headaches


If you notice an uptick in the number of headaches your child has been having after getting their hair protective styles, then you may want to look into the potential sources of them. Having a hairstyle that puts too much strain on the scalp can cause more headaches than normal. Keeping a strained style in for too long, or repeating it along the same parts can also cause hair in those areas to thin out. Make sure that the styles are secure enough to last, but not so tight as to cause discomfort. 


Unrestful and Disturbed Sleep


If following a protective style your child’s sleep quality declines, this is a sign that their style is bothering them. The tension in a protective style like this can cause a lot of discomforts, and leave your child tossing and turning. If she is waking up through the night with headaches or is finding going to sleep to be more difficult, then you may want to check in on her protective style to ensure she and her hair stay healthy. 


Increased Shedding And Hair Loss


Hair loss and shedding are one of the biggest signs of styling gone wrong. Hair may be strong, but it can only take so much. Routinely having subpar styling, or even having just one stressful style for too long, can be a cause for hair loss and increased shedding. This is because the tension weakens the hair and causes it to break- as well as damaging the hair follicles it comes from. Hair on young girls can be less prone to this, but should your child have any conditions that would make her more prone to hair loss, a poor protective style will do no favors. 


You Start Noticing Scalp Irritation


The scalp being irritated can be caused by a couple of different factors. The scalp can become irritated through a style being too tight, and this can cause inflammation on the scalp. Little white bumps forming across the head is a telltale sign of this, meaning that the hair follicles themselves are inflamed. 


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