Tips For Making Sure Your Kid's Hair Stays Hydrated and Healthy

August 15 2022

There are a lot of different options when it comes to hydrating your kids' hair. If you are wondering how you can best care for your daughter's mane, do not worry. Making informed decisions is what we are about here at Just 4 Girls and we want to give you that information. Here we have a selection of tips you can utilize in treating your daughter's hair right.

Get It Trimmed!

Getting hair trims promotes healthy hair. Damaged ends can only be prevented from getting worse, but they don’t truly go away until they are cut off. So cutting off dry, unhealthy ends is a great way for ensuring your kid’s hair stays healthy. With tightly coiled natural hair it can be an important thing as well to keep up with trimming. Your child’s hair can look like it is not in need of a trim with tightly coiled hair, so keeping a close eye on it and trimming once every eight weeks or so can make for a happy head of hair. 

Utilize Hydration Treatments from Your Salon

Hydration treatments are specially designed treatments to target dryness in hair and prevent it. They take less than thirty minutes to utilize and enhance your child’s hair’s growth. Getting this treatment once every so often can help ensure that on top of the things you do at home to make sure your child’s hair keeps its vitality as she grows up.

Use Hair Oil

The purpose of hair oil in hydration is to seal the water and moisture into your hair to keep it from evaporating after application. Make sure to check the ingredients in whatever hair oil you choose as well. Ingredients in products are listed from the ones most present in the product to the least. So if something like fragrance is listed in the first 3-5 ingredients it may not be the one you want. 

LOC Method Wash Days

The LOC method can be described in three words. Leave-in, oil, cream. It is a method for layering your hair products to get the most out of them possible. You put in your leave-in conditioning products first, after a wash. This gives the most important product direct contact with your hair so that it can absorb all the moisture possible from the product. After this, you want to lock in the moisture with hair oil. Oil and water do not mix, so if there is an oil on top of the moisture you just applied to the hair, then the water can not escape or evaporate and has to go into the hair. In the end, you use the heaviest product you have - which is hair cream. This is if you want to go from the lightest to the heaviest product - you can also use the LCO method. It simply depends on what works best for your child’s hair.

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning may be classic, but it is foolproof. Routinely deep conditioning curls keep them feeling soft and luscious It is a method of conditioning that allows hair to really soak in all the otherwise missing moisture it needs. 

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