5 Warning Signs that Your Child’s Natural Hair is Damaged

August 31 2021

Natural hair requires extra attention and curly hair care products. Staying on top of your little one’s hair care routine is extremely important or you can find their hair has become dry and damaged, taking a lot of tears, stress, and months to reverse. At Just 4 Girls Salon, our expert stylists can help keep your child’s hair nourished, moisturized, trimmed, and styled. They’ll also give you recommendations on how you can keep your child’s hair healthy in-between visits. Here are 5 warning signs that your child’s hair is damaged.

The texture is coarse or brittle. Although naturally curly hair comes in many textures, you can feel it when your child’s hair isn’t healthy. Damage happens slowly and may not be obvious until there’s a fair amount of damage, so you may not feel it right away. When your child’s hair is clean and dry, pay special attention to the way that it feels. If it feels dry, brittle, or rough instead of its usual soft, healthy texture, damage may be present.

Noticing excessive splint ends. If you pick up a coil of dry curls and find that the individual hairs are split into two, they have split ends and it’s time for a trim. Regularly trimming your child’s hair is important to keep their hair healthy. But, if you’re like many parents, a trip to the salon can be stressful. However, at Just 4 Girls, we’re experts at calming your child and showing them just how easy and fun a salon visit can be. The longer you wait between trims, the more damage that can occur. Even if you’re growing out their hair, regular trims are a must to keeping hair healthy.

Extreme tangles. Yes, curly hair is prone to tangles but if you find yourself spending more time detangling than you used to, your child’s hair likely has become damaged or dry. Using a curly hairbrush or comb with Be Amazing Detangler can minimize the damage. When you’re in the salon, we offer basic and advanced detangling services to painlessly work out the tangle without tears. Then, give your little one a Hydration Treatment or Advanced Conditioning Treatment to help revitalize, nourish and protect their hair, making it more manageable and healthy.

Their hair has recurrent breakage. While it’s normal for your little one’s hair to shed during detangling, you’ll notice excessive shedding if their hair is damaged. If you notice broken strands of hair on the floor or in the sink instead of just in the brush or comb, it’s time to get their hair some TLC. You might notice more than normal loose strands on their pillowcase or it coming out as you style their hair.

Their hair lacks elasticity. Naturally, curly hair can stretch to at least one-third of its length before bouncing back. Test your child’s hair elasticity by taking a single strand of dry hair, stretching it without it breaking, and if it returns to its original curl, it has good elasticity. If it doesn’t return to its regular curl, or breakage occurs, the hair is damaged and needs treatment.

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