Summer Styles to Keep Kids Cool

June 5 2020

Georgia summers are hot and humid, making it difficult to keep our kids cool as they play outside. Riding bikes, swimming, and playing can make our girls’ hair messy and bothersome! Continue reading to discover more summer hairstyles to keep your child cool in the summer heat as well as tips to keep them safe as they play outside! 

Colorful Bands. Starting at the front hairline, section rows of hair and secure with colorful elastic bands. As you work back toward the crown, include the ponytails into the next band. You can do clean parts, zigzags, and play around with fun designs for the ponytails! 

Small Braids. If the hair is short, it may be easier to pull your child’s hair back using more petite braids. The braids will help keep your child’s hair out of their face and are easier to keep in than ponytails alone! 

Double Dutch Ponytail. For medium length hair, it can be hard to get all the hair to stay in a ponytail. Create one french braid from the front hairline back toward the crown and secure with an elastic. Create a second french braid that starts from the nape of the neck and moves upward. This style will help keep your child’s hair off their neck and look adorable at the same time! 

PigTail Twists. There isn’t a hairstyle much sweeter than pigtails! Try this style with small braids for extra protection and security or simply brush hair into pigtails. Leave pigtails braided or switch it up and twist the ponytails!

Double Dutch Braids. Dutch braids hold the hair in place better than French braids, keeping hair neat whether your child is swimming or wearing their bike helmet! Simply part the hair down the center and create two Dutch braids from the top of the scalp down. For extra summer fun, try coloring the braids with washable hair chalk in your child’s favorite color! 

Fishtail Ponytail. Ponytails are an easy, quick hairstyle for our kids with long locks but they can fall out pretty easily, especially if they have finer-texture hair. Pull hair back into a ponytail and then fishtail braid the loose hair to help keep their ponytail in place! 

Summer Safety

As summer arrives, kids will be spending more time playing outside. Getting exercise and exploring their environment is fantastic but it is important to help keep our kids safe at the same time. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep our kids safe and healthy this summer! 

  • Watch for heat exhaustion. Kids show milder symptoms than adults when they’re getting too hot, like achy muscles and exhaustion. To avoid heat exhaustion, try keeping kids dressed in lightweight clothing and remind them to take plenty of water breaks! 
  • Sun Protection. It is very important to keep our children’s skin protected from too much sun exposure to avoid long term effects. Using sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more, avoiding the outdoors during peak sun hours, and wearing protective clothing such as hats will help prevent too much sun!
  • Bike Safety. Riding bikes is definitely a favorite summer activity for kids. Remind children to always wear their helmet properly, cross the street only at crosswalks, and if they ride in the road to always ride on the right side of the street with the flow of traffic. 
  • Hydration. Children become dehydrated much easier than adults and that can lead to a lot of problems. To determine how much water your child needs when playing in the heat, divide their body weight in half and that’s how many ounces of water they should drink each day. For example, if your child weighs 80lbs, they should drink approximately 40ounces of water! 

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