Make Your Child’s First Hair Salon Visit an Enjoyable One

October 14 2020

Children can be scared of change, and for some, even first hair appointments can bring your little one’s anxiety and tears. Now add all the Covid-19 precautions, and your child can be downright drea


Halloween Fun Out or At Home in the Atlanta Area

September 28 2020

Halloween is going to look a little different this year in the Atlanta and Smyrna areas. Since we gave you some ghoulish ideas on kid’s Halloween hair last time, we thought we’d share some of our


Ghoulish Halloween Hairstyles for Kids

September 15 2020

Whether your little one will be wearing a fun Halloween hairdo to school or just wants to get into the holiday spirit this year, we’ve come up with some cute, fun hairstyles that can be worn with co


Easy Hairstyles for Wearing Masks at School

August 31 2020

Kids have enough to worry about at school. Now, they have to be responsible for wearing masks... and keeping them on. There are ways to make it as easy as possible for them. So, we wanted to focus on


Loc Maintenance & Trims for Healthy Hair

August 15 2020

vContinue reading to discover more about locs! What Locs Are Achieving locs is not an instant hair process, with hair going through multiple stages from "starter" to "adult." Transitioning hair throu


Back-to-School Hair Care

July 29 2020

Although back to school will look a lot different this year, we still want kids to be excited about jumping back into learning! An end of summer hair appointment can help kids look and feel their best


Healthy Skin All Summer Long

July 15 2020

Summer is meant to be spent outside playing with friends, exploring, and soaking up the summer sun. Unfortunately, the heat, humidity, and the sun itself can be harmful to our children's skin. At Just


Hair Typing And Curls

June 30 2020

We often think of hair in terms of straight, wavy, and curly but hair texture and thickness are so much more! Hair typing can help determine the best products for your child's hair and even the best w


Press & Style Options and Upcoming Atlanta Area Events

June 15 2020

Natural hair is not only beautiful but extremely versatile! One of the many ways to wear natural hair is to have the hair pressed and styled. This type of styling does require the use of heat and beli


Summer Styles to Keep Kids Cool

June 5 2020

Georgia summers are hot and humid, making it difficult to keep our kids cool as they play outside. Riding bikes, swimming, and playing can make our girls’ hair messy and bothersome! Continue reading


Just 4 Girls is Reopening May 15th!

May 6 2020

The last few months have been a trying and, in some ways, a scary time. We have missed seeing our clients and cannot wait to see our chairs filled again! While the state has approved reopening salons,


What's the Deal with Parabens?

April 29 2020

There has been a big push in recent years to move away from hair care products that contain parabens. At Just 4 Girls Salon, we care about our clients' health and well-being, and believe it is importa



April 22 2020

Beauty is very subjective. To some beauty is seen in a glowing,  healthy blush. To some others, it lies in the depths of large sparkling eyes. And to still some others, it is seen in high cheekbone


Healthy Hair All Summer Long

April 15 2020

Whether your child enjoys spending summer days hanging out at the beach, exploring state parks, or swimming at the neighborhood pool, summer days are often spent outside. While time outside is great f


Hair Care Tips for Spring

March 14 2020

Winter can be really hard on hair. Cold, dry air along with heating indoors can cause hair to become dehydrated, damaged, and frizzy. As Spring slowly begins to appear with warmer weather and rising h


Bubbly Beautiful Products by Just 4 Girls Salon

February 29 2020

As parents, it can be difficult to find hair care products for our little girls that are nourishing, natural, and actually work! Healthy hair is our mission and that is why we have created Bubbly Beau


Hairstyles for Every Length of Hair

February 19 2020

From long locks to pixie cuts, braids to curls, many young girls like highlighting their personality through their hairstyle. Finding fun, new styles can be time-consuming, especially if the hair is s


Benefits of Two-Strand Twists

January 31 2020

Life gets hectic with kids, careers, and everything in between, two-strand twists have many benefits and can save you time styling your daughter's hair! Read on to learn more about the convenience, ve


Moisturizing Treatments for Girls

January 15 2020

Natural hair can have the tendency to become brittle and prone to breakage, making it difficult to achieve significant length. One way to help hair grow and prevent breaking is to receive nourishing m


Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair

December 30 2019

The holidays are often celebrated with friends, family, and lots of food. One staple during this time is often sugary treats, from Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and candied yams to Christmas cookies and ca


Preparing for Your Child’s First Appointment

December 15 2019

Children, like adults, aren’t always happy to do things they aren’t familiar with or comfortable with and that’s ok! First hair appointments can lead to anxiety, tears, and tantrums for little o


Holiday Hair Styles for Kids

November 30 2019

The holiday season is a busy time of year, especially for parents! Holiday programs, meet-and-greets with Santa, and parties with friends and family make this season heartwarming but hectic. During al


Enjoy Holiday Events with Perfect Holiday Hair

November 23 2019

We are heading into the most wonderful (and hectic) time of year. Holiday concerts, family get-togethers, and visits to Santa Claus mean a lot of photo ops and we want our kids to look their best! Dur