Helpful Tips For Managing Your Child's Natural Curls In The Cold

September 22 2022

Oh, fall! A season that shows the beauty of change, and kickstarts the drop in temperatures. Despite the beauty of the seasons, there can be a concern with hair health during any seasonal change. After all, it is more than just the body that has an effect on the hair. Your environment can create a huge difference as well. So protecting it through styling, hydration, and other methods is vital in ensuring your children’s hair stays vibrant and healthy. Here we have some tips to help you and your children brave the cold weather that is on our doorsteps, and keep their hair flourishing. 

Utilize Humidity 

In the winter and fall months, homes are prone to producing dry air. Part of this is due to the cold, but this is worsened when heating methods like stoves and heaters are utilized to keep the home warm. This, of course, is not a bad thing! You need to keep your home warm in order to avoid hypothermia and bursting your pipes. But there are measures you can take to increase the humidity of your home, such as humidifiers. You do not even have to use one that is exorbitantly expensive, just use whatever is available to you. You can also directly steam your child’s hair during the deep conditioning phase of hair care. You don’t need to do this often, once or twice a month should do the trick. Steaming your child’s hair will not only add in lost moisture, but also encourage hair growth, help clean the scalp thoroughly, and reduce breakage. 

Keep Up On Deep Conditioning and Hydration!

Deep conditioning is one thing your hair will never be able to have too much of. Moisture is essential for hair health. You can utilize our hot oil treatments and advanced conditioning treatments to really ensure the hair and scalp retain moisture and remain healthy. Aside from that, utilizing any moisture possible will help make sure your baby’s hair stays lively. Reduce the brittle breakage and frizzy textures with regular deep conditioning, and make sure to never forget the importance of leave-in conditioners. If your child’s hair still appears to be dry and hard to manage even after this, you will also want to make sure that she is getting all the fluids she needs! Dehydration can cause hair to dry out just as well as stripping the moisture away.

Remember Head Protection!

Utilizing clothing and material that can protect your hair from the elements is one more way you can ensure your child’s hair stays healthy during the cold weather. Use a scarf or bandana to wrap around her head. Style her outfit with a silk-lined beanie. Even a jacket with a protective hood can be beneficial if you have nothing else. 

The Importance of Silk and Satin

If you want to make sure your daughter’s hair is not experiencing unnecessary stress and tearing, you may want to look into satin and silk-based products! Cotton pillowcases, hair elastics, and more cause friction on the hair and can weaken those beautiful locks. Investing in a silk bonnet alone to protect your child’s hair can make all the difference. Never underestimate the effect such a simple change can have. 

Regulate The Washing!

You absolutely want to be careful about how often you have a wash day for your kid. Not only can excessive washing cause boredom and restlessness in your children, but if you have too many then your kid’s hair is sure to dry out. Curly, porous hair is already prone to drying out and not receiving enough moisture. Washing strips away moisture. And kids, unless they have gone to roll in the dirt, are often not as dirty as you may suspect. They can get away with fewer wash days easily, and they should. Especially during the colder months. You should find out the time span that is best for you and your child to go without washing, however, one or two washes per week are the maximum most kids will need.

Protection in Styles

Protective styling can be essential in making sure your child’s hair stays healthy during the colder months. And most styles, so long as you do not leave them in for too long and forget to take them down, should work great in protecting your child’s hair. Whether it is twists, braids, locs, or anything else, a protective style is a protective style. The one thing that should be avoided, however, is anything that would wrap synthetic hairs around the natural ones. Synthetic fibers will suffocate the hair and take away needed moisture. Save these styles for less harsh weather and temperatures.

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