Cute Holiday Hairstyles for Natural Hair and Styling Tips for a Week

October 31 2023

With the holiday season just around the corner, it's time to prepare for festive gatherings, parties, and celebrations. If your child has natural hair, there are plenty of adorable and versatileholiday hairstylesthat will make them stand out. Today, we'll explore some cute holiday hairstyles for natural hair and provide tips on how to style and restyle your child's hair for an entire week of festivities.

Cute Holiday Hairstyles for Natural Hair:

Festive Braided Updo:Create a stunning updo by braiding your child's natural hair and forming a bun. Add some holiday-themed hairpins or accessories to make it extra festive. This elegant style is perfect for formal events.

Twisted Crown:A twisted crown is a simple yet beautiful holiday hairstyle. Divide the hair into two sections, twist each section, and secure them in place to create a crown-like effect. It's perfect for a Christmas dinner or a New Year's Eve party.

Bantu Knots:Bantu knots are not only cute but also easy to achieve. Create small knots all over your child's head, and they'll have an eye-catching and unique holiday look. You can even decorate the knots with colorful beads.

Tips for Styling and Restyling for a Week:

Day 1 - Festive Updo:Start the week with the festive braided updo. Ensure the hair is well-moisturized using child-friendly haircare products. Add holiday accessories to complete the look.

Day 2 - Twist Out:After taking down the updo, your child's hair will have beautiful twists. A twist-out style can be achieved by gently unraveling the twists, leaving soft, defined curls. Use aleave-in conditionerto maintain moisture.

Day 3 - Half-Up Half-Down:Gather the top section of hair into a ponytail or bun and leave the rest of the hair down. This creates a chic half-up, half-down style that's perfect for casual gatherings.

Day 4 - Space Buns:Divide the hair into two sections and create two buns on top of your child's head. This playful style adds a fun twist to their holiday look.

Day 5 - Twist Braids:Create individual twist braids using the twist-out curls from Day 2. Twist braids are not only stylish but also an excellent way to protect your child's hair.

Day 6 - Pineapple Updo:Gather the hair into a high ponytail or bun on the crown of the head, leaving the curls at the front to frame the face. This is a chic and effortless style that's perfect for relaxed holiday gatherings.

Day 7 - Natural Curls:On the final day of the week, let your child's natural curls shine. Use aleave-in conditionerto maintain moisture and refresh their curls for a cute and carefree holiday look.

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