Hacks For How To Grow Out Natural Curls

October 25 2022

If your daughter has been begging for long hair, this is the article for you. Growing out curls can be tough- especially when shrinkage becomes a part of the mix. But it is completely possible! If your little girl wants to have extra volume and noticeable length, then you shouldn’t hesitate to try these different hacks to make sure you are giving her the best shot possible at getting the hair of her dreams. Just 4 Girls salon has a number of services available to encourage growth from hydration treatments to styling services.

Eating A Healthy Diet

Diet can be essential in keeping hair strong and healthy. Making sure your child gets enough omega-3s can really influence how strong and lively her hair is. You can get this by feeding your child fatty fish like tuna and salmon, or you can incorporate flax seeds. But having an overall nutritionally balanced diet full of all the right nutrients will help to ensure your daughter’s hair is able to grow strong, so it can grow long.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

It can not be emphasized enough how important moisture is in making sure hair does not become brittle and break. Using deep conditioning treatments is a great way to ensure that all lost moisture is replaced so that you can watch your daughter’s hair come out long and lively.

Keeping Up With Trimming

Trims are never bad! Frequent trims every six to eight weeks can make a massive difference in hair health and keep your daughter's hair from breaking off at the ends, and reducing growth rate and speed.

Avoid Heated Styling

When you use heated styling, you lose moisture in the hair. This can, over time, if done improperly, create problems with getting hair to grow and can reduce the speed at which it grows. You can use it occasionally, but you should always remember to use a heat protectant on the hair and make sure it is never wet before you start using heat. Most days though, it is best to stick to no heat styling methods.

Low Maintenance and Protective Hairstyles

Low maintenance styles mean that you do not have to mess with your hair as much, reducing the everyday wear and tear hair tends to go through significantly. Finding cute and low-maintenance styles like braids is a great way to help make sure her hair isn’t stressed, and neither are you. Now if you go for braids you want to ensure they are done correctly by having them done at the salon, as if they are done too tight and left too long it can cause stress on the scalp and hair follicles. Using protective styles is also a must in order to keep the hair safe from the elements, and give it its best chance at becoming what you and your daughter want it to be.

Avoid Rubber Elastics

When you style with rubber elastics, you are exposing your daughter’s hair to a lot of friction. With the way rubber bands stretch and the texture they hold, breakage is extremely common when they are used. This in turn is going to make it much harder to grow healthy long locks, especially if the use of these elastics is frequent.

Use The Best Products

When you use good, quality products, you are ensuring that your daughter's hair only gets the best. This is sure to ensure that she will have lovely luscious hair in no time! Our natural hair pomade is made to moisturize, and strengthen hair while encouraging the reproduction of hair cells, therefore helping you and your child to achieve her long hair goals sooner rather than later.

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