Hair Care Tips for Spring

March 14 2020

Winter can be really hard on hair. Cold, dry air along with heating indoors can cause hair to become dehydrated, damaged, and frizzy. As Spring slowly begins to appear with warmer weather and rising humidity, this is a great time to revitalize hair health with salon services and at home! Continue reading to discover hair care tips for Spring.

Trim the Ends
Regular hair trims are beneficial to hair health year-round, and after the winter months, it can make an even bigger difference! Trimming even a small amount of hair is a great way to reduce breakage and flyaways. Removing split ends will also leave your little one's hair looking thicker and healthier.

Don't Skip the Conditioner
Regardless of how often your child's hair needs to be shampooed, conditioning it regularly will help keep their locks hydrated and healthy. When scheduling your child's next trim, request a hydration treatment to help restore, protect, and hydrate dry, damaged hair.

Avoid Heat
Even with a heat protectant, frequent application of heat during drying and styling can damage hair. As your little one's hair recovers from the dry winter months, use styling tools sparingly and opt for air drying and hairstyles that don't require heat.  

Stimulate Growth
Too much sun can cause damage to your little one's hair and skin, but exposing hair to reasonable amounts of sunlight can actually help stimulate hair growth! Don't skip the sunscreen and if your child will be out in the sun for an extended period of time, have her cover up with a hat.

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