Try These 9 Cute Little Girl Hairstyles When You're On The Go

January 15 2023

When you are in a rush often you need to know the best way to style your little girl's hair without taking up too much time. Hair styling is a great way to make sure your child’s hair stays protected and that she feels confident throughout the day. Taking the time to style your daughter's hair will also help to teach her how to care for her hair and how important taking just a little time out of the day to style it can be. So here are some quick, easy, cute, and efficient hairstyle ideas for any little girl. 

Mini Pigtail Buns

Buns are a quick, easy, and cute look that you do not really have to think too much about. When you are in a rush, they work well to show that you care about your kids' appearance without having to put high effort and a lot of time into the process. Decorate the buns with a cute pin, ribbon, or hair tie and you will be good to go. 

Quick Bantu Knots

Bantu knots may be a little less quick, but the effort is still less than you would get with a lot of other styles. This look is simple, stylish, and effective. You just really can’t go wrong with it!

Go Natural

Sometimes letting your child go with their hair naturally, and unstyled is good for the hair and scalp. It gives both the hair and scalp time to rest, and prevents breakage and thinning out hair. This is especially true if your child’s hair is styled on the same part most days. 

Do An Afro

Afros are gorgeous and depending on your kid's hair texture, can be an easy look to achieve. It may only last for the day, but your daughter will love it for the whole day. Just spritz the hair with leave-in conditioner, add fluff and she will be good to go! 

Flat Twists With Puffs

If you want something a little bit more protective for the day but still quick and simple this is the look to go for. You can easily decorate the puffs with bobbles or clips, and the twists will offer some protection from the elements. This look is particularly adorable on toddlers. 

A Triple Mohawk

This one is not only cute and easy but can last for about a week. The mohawk itself can be styled in a variety of ways. You could do a row of buns, puffs, or even just let the hair rest. So not only is it quick, it lasts and allows for some variety. 

High Puff

If you’re looking for just something simple, you can pull the hair back into a high puff. If you want to add decor use clips, pins, or even cute colorful headbands and bows just to add personality and uniqueness to the hairstyle. 

Box Braids

If you have a free day to do a lasting, protective braided style, these can last for up to two weeks. This may be time-consuming for a day, but it will save you time in the long run. After all, the hair is pre-styled, so it can be left down, put into a high bun, twin buns, or anything else you can think of to quickly put together. 

Puff + Cornrows

Getting some simple cornrows at the front of the head and leaving a gorgeous puff at the back is a nice style for older girls who want a little flair and style to their look, but still, leave the task quick and easy for both of you. Adding in some golden clips or clasps will really complete this look. 

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