Managing Your Daughter's Shrinkage For Longer Curly Styles

February 15 2023

If your daughter is wearing her hair naturally she’s most likely experiencing shrinkage. Shrinkage refers to the difference in length in natural hair from when it is wet and stretched to its maximum length to when it is fully dry. While some girls may like the way their hair shrinks, others would prefer to show off their true length. If your little girl is dreaming of lovely long locks then it’s important to learn how to manage shrinkage to help her maintain her length. Here are five easy ways to keep shrinkage to a minimum so she can wear the long styles she’s been asking for. 

What Causes Naturally Curly Hair To Shrink?

Shrinkage is actually a sign of healthy hair. It is part of the genetic makeup that results in curly hair, and it is not a problem unless you’re going for a specific longer look. Curly hair is porous and when the hair is wet it absorbs water. The weight of the water causes the cuticle to stretch and elongate showing the true length of your child’s strands. The ends of the hair dry faster than the roots, and as the water evaporates from the strands they draw up to their original shape, shrinking up to 90% hiding all of that length.

Shrinkage May Vary

You might notice that sometimes your daughter’s hair shrinks more than it does at other times. This can be due to several factors including humidity when it was last washed, what products have been used, and the hairstyle she’s been wearing. The amount of shrinkage is part of what makes her hair unique. 

Stretching It Out

When it comes to managing shrinkage to achieve longer hairstyles, the easiest way to retain more length is to stretch her curls out. There are multiple ways to do this. Whichever method you choose you’ll want to start by thoroughly detangling her hair with Bubbly Beautiful Be Amazing Detangler Spray. Here are five of our favorite easy ways to battle shrinkage. 

  1. A Blowout- When it comes to maximizing the length of your daughter’s natural hair, a blowout is the best option. This method straightens her natural curl pattern as it dries to give her the maximum length. Bubbly Beautiful Be Strong Leave-In Spray contains a thermal protectant to keep heat styling damage to a minimum for strong, healthy, longer strands. 
  2. Bun- Putting her hair into a bun while it’s still slightly damp is another way to gently stretch her curls. You’ll want to make sure the bun is tight enough to gently pull her hair straighter, but not tight enough to leave creases. Have her wear the bun for an hour or two and then take it down to enjoy her longer length.
  3. Roller Set- If her hair is long enough to wrap around a roller, this is an easy way to stretch out those coils. You’re not getting rid of the curl, just controlling and redirecting it.  Simply comb out any knots and roll her hair up around the desired-sized rods. Allow her curls to air dry for best results. If you need it to dry faster a hooded dryer is a great option.
  4. Bantu Knots- If you want a stylish, no-heat way to elongate her lovely locks, look no further than Bantu knots. Not only is this a protective style, but it helps stretch the hair so that it looks longer when the style is taken down. It starts by sectioning the hair and twisting the sections in one direction. Each section is wrapped around itself to form a knot, and then the end is tucked under the knot to secure it in place. Simple, easy, and beautiful.
  5. Banding- This method uses hair bands to stretch out damp freshly washed hair as it dries. You’ll divide her detangled hair into sections and wind hair bands around each section from root to tip and leave them in place until her hair is dry. It’s best not to go to bed with wet hair, but if air drying is necessary overnight, wrap her hair in a silk or satin scarf to protect it as she sleeps. Excessive banding can lead to breakage, so use this method sparingly.

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