Healthy Hair All Summer Long

April 15 2020

Whether your child enjoys spending summer days hanging out at the beach, exploring state parks, or swimming at the neighborhood pool, summer days are often spent outside. While time outside is great for their bodies and minds, summer weather can cause a lot of damage to their hair! Read on to discover ways to help keep your child's hair healthy all summer long!

Sulfate-free Shampoo
During the summer sports, bike riding, and other outdoor activities mean many kids are more active than usual and that can lead to needing more frequent washing. Washing hair too often, particularly with shampoos containing sulfates can cause hair to become dry and damaged. If you're finding yourself needing to wash your child's hair more often, be sure to use a clarifying, sulfate-free combination!

Swimmer's Hair
Most kids love the pool but chlorine and saltwater both can cause locks to become dry and brittle. One way to avoid hair soaking up chemicals is to coat hair with oil before jumping in the water. If your child spends a ton of time in the water, consider adding regular protein treatments to their hair regimen to further prevent breakdown.

Prevent Sun Damage
Keep hair moisturized by using the LOC system. Liquid first, then oil, then cream to keep hair moisturized even in the harshest heat. Another great way to avoid too much sun on those strands is to play around with cute hats to keep them covered!

We know that infamous Georgia humidity is right around the corner and the best way to protect our kids' hair and overall health is by encouraging them to drink plenty of water! A well-hydrated body leads to well-hydrated hair. Summer is often a time for treats but it's important to the health of the hair to ensure our girls are getting plenty of vitamins and nutrients from their diet as well!

We know this is a troubling time for many of our clients experiencing school and work closures, below you will find different support services in the Atlanta area:

Find food quickly and easily on your phone with the FoodFinderUS App.

If you are struggling to find a connection for your child's schooling, Comcast is offering Xfinity Wi-Fi nationally for free.

CVS Health has also opened a COVID-19 drive-through testing center in Atlanta that provides users with results in a matter of minutes.

We hope all of our clients are staying safe and healthy during this health pandemic and we can't wait to see you all when we reopen! Visit our website for ways to stay up-to-date on our status and when we are able to reopen, our professional staff at Just 4 Girls Salon will be here to help with all your child's hair care needs! We have a GoFundMe page called Employee Relief Fund to help our employees during this stressful time.