Ghoulish Halloween Hairstyles for Kids

September 15 2020

Whether your little one will be wearing a fun Halloween hairdo to school or just wants to get into the holiday spirit this year, we’ve come up with some cute, fun hairstyles that can be worn with costumes, or just by themselves. If you’re one of those momma’s that just cannot do hair (it’s ok, we’ve all been there), Just 4 Girls can help!

Spider Craze. Nothing says Halloween better than bright-colored plastic spider rings. Put them to good use this year by adding them to your child’s braids. They are easy to thread through while either doing normal plaits or French braiding. Simply use a long-handled comb to help pull the hair thru the spider rings as you go.

Mystery Mummy. Whether your little one wants to go as a mummy, a ghost or ghoul, or simply just dressed in their favorite Halloween colors, adding a mummy-inspired look to their hairstyle is a cute way to get into the Halloween spirit. Find a small plastic mummy decoration from your local store. Make a ponytail and wrap the mummy so that only the head and arms are sticking out and the rest is wrapped in a spiral as the ponytail goes to the end. This hairstyle is simple, cute, and can be worn all day long!

Spider Bun. We’ve all seen the simple, silly spider bun! All you’ll need to complete this look is black pipe cleaner, hair clips or bobby pins, a black pom pom, and some googly eyes. Simply make a neat bun on the crown of the head, secure the pom pom (with googly eyes glued onto it) to the middle of the bun, and secure the legs on each side to make a silly spider!

Cat Ears or Devil Horns. Whether your little decides to be a black cat this year or a little devil, this hairstyle works for both. Part hair down the middle and use flexible curling rods to either form two cat ear buns or make it pointier for devil horns. Use black hair spray or red hair spray to give a more realistic appearance and you are set for a festive Halloween look!

Snakes on the Loose or Medusa. If you have a very small child, you can simply add small rubber snakes to their braids or twists in the back. If you have an older child who wants the medusa look, add some temporary color and twisted the hair into several small messy buns over the entire head. Weave the rubber snakes into the messy buns to finish off the look. Silver snakes will stand out best so you can always spray paint from black snakes ahead of time.

If your child will be celebrating Halloween this year, whether it’s for school, trick-or-treating, or just dressing up to give out candy, give them a festive hairstyle for the season.

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