Cute & Spooky Hairstyles for Your Little Ghoul

September 30 2023

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to let your creative side shine. If you have natural hair, there are plenty of fun and spooky hairstyles that you can rock to complete your Halloween look. Whether you're going for a classic witch, a mystical unicorn, or a creepy zombie, here are some Halloween hairstyles for natural hair to consider:

1. Wicked Witch: Channel your inner wicked witch with a classic Halloween look. If you have long natural hair, consider creating some bewitching twists or braids. Add a pointed hat, a black dress, and green makeup for that iconic witchy vibe. Don't forget to accessorize with a broomstick for the full effect.

2. Medusa: Medusa, the mythical Gorgon with snakes for hair, is a fantastic choice for Halloween. You can achieve this look by using rubber snakes intertwined with your natural curls or coils. Make sure to secure them well and, for added drama, consider using a temporary spray-on hair color for a greenish tint. Pair this with a toga-style dress, and you'll be ready to turn heads at any Halloween party.

3. Unicorn Queen: Unicorns are all the rage, and a unicorn-inspired Halloween look can be magical with natural hair. Embrace the vibrant colors often associated with unicorns by using temporary hair dyes or colored extensions to create colorful curls. Accessorize with a glittery horn, a pastel costume, and some shimmering makeup to complete the enchanting look.

4. Zombie Chic: For a spookier Halloween hairstyle, consider transforming into a stylish zombie. Backcomb your hair to create a wild, disheveled look. Use temporary gray or white hair spray to give it an eerie touch. Add some pale makeup with dark, sunken eyes, and dress in tattered clothes to complete the zombie ensemble.

5. Voodoo Priestess: A voodoo priestess is a unique and captivating Halloween costume idea. Style your natural hair in voluminous twists or braids and add some feathers, beads, and decorative pins. Opt for a dark, mysterious makeup look, and dress in a flowing, earthy-toned gown. A staff or a doll accessory will enhance the voodoo priestess vibe.

6. Black Cat: You can never go wrong with a classic black cat costume. Style your natural hair in sleek, glossy twists or braids, and pair it with a pair of cat ears headband. Add some dramatic cat-eye makeup and a black outfit to complete the purr-fect feline look.

7. Spider Queen: Transform into a spider queen by creating spider-themed accessories and incorporating them into your natural hair. Add some spooky spiderweb decorations and tiny plastic spiders to your hairstyle. Wear a dark, gothic dress and complete the look with bold makeup.

No matter which Halloween hairstyle you choose for your natural hair, remember that the key to a successful Halloween look is confidence and creativity. Don't be afraid to experiment with temporary hair colors, hair accessories, and makeup to achieve the perfect Halloween style. With a little imagination and a touch of spookiness, your natural hair can become the highlight of your Halloween costume.

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