Easy Hairstyles for Wearing Masks at School

August 31 2020

Kids have enough to worry about at school. Now, they have to be responsible for wearing masks... and keeping them on. There are ways to make it as easy as possible for them. So, we wanted to focus on some easy hairstyles to do in the morning to ensure that flyaway hair stays out of their face, that they keep their hands away from their face as much as possible, and that their masks that can be put on and taken off quickly and easily without getting tangled in their hair. 

The Simple Ponytail
A tight, clean ponytail is an easy hairstyle that won’t compete with mask straps. Besides being easy, you can slick it back to ensure stray hairs aren’t constantly getting in their way, and it’s easy to slip off and on a mask when you have a ponytail. Make sure the placement of their ponytail is high enough so that the loops can freely go around the ear without the ponytail interfering. 

Uncomplicated Braid or Twist
If you’re little one is sick of wearing a ponytail day in and day out, change it up a bit by braiding the ponytail or twisting it to give it a little style. You can even weave in a thin colored ribbon if you like for a little bling. Again, just make sure that the ponytail is high enough to completely clear the path of the face mask loops that need to go around the ears.

Sleek Styled Bun
For hair that is more prone to flyaways and harder to control so that it stays back all day long, brush in some gel along the hairline to control the style and then form into a bun in the back of the head. You can go high with the bun, or set it lower and let them use the bun to hold the ear loops in place if they choose.

Half Do with a Flip
If you can’t get them to wear their hair up every day or if they just want a change of pace, having a half-up hairstyle is still doable. Take the sides and secure them back into a small ponytail with a decorative clip, a scrunchie, or a barrette. Take the ends of their hair and use a large curling iron to make a flip for a fun style. Their ears will be clear to secure the ear loops, while you can keep some of their hair down so it doesn’t become tangled in the loops from the mask. 

Dress it up with Glam
With all these hairstyles, let your little one use some blingy hairclips, pearl bobby pins, or other flashy, fun pieces of hair jewelry on either side of their head to allow them to show off their own style and gain a little control of their hairstyle. We’ve also seen some thin eyeglass lanyards being used at the end of ear loops so that when they take off their mask, it hangs around their neck and doesn’t fall or get lost while at school!

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