Tips for Protecting Your Child’s Hair Before and After Swimming

May 15 2021

Before you know it it’s going to be hot, hot, hot! If your little one enjoys spending time in the pool or will be taking swim lessons, it’s important to know how to protect their natural hair from the harsh chemicals found in pools.

Whether it’s a private pool or public, chances are it will be filled with chlorine, a chemical that is harmful to natural hair. Chlorine saturates the hair and steals all of the hair’s natural oils and moisture. The result is dry, brittle hair that can break easily. Here are some ways to protect your child’s hair and keep it healthy all summer long.

Prepare the Hair Before Swimming

Rinse hair. This may sound a little odd but if you rinse their hair before they jump into the pool, it’ll help prevent pool water and chlorine to be absorbed into the hair. *For cornrows & braids – thoroughly saturate their hair from root to tip.

Add oil to hair. By applying an ample amount of olive or coconut oil through the hair, it will help seal in moisture and stop harmful chemicals from penetrating their hair shaft. * For cornrows & braids – Mix 3 Tbsp oil in a spray bottle with 1 cup water and shake well. Spray through the hair and gently massage into the braids.

Condition hair. We know it’s sometimes a battle but if you can condition their hair before swimming, it adds another layer of protection from those cruel chemicals and helps retain the hair’s moisture. *For cornrows & braids – Combine 3 Tbsp of a good conditioner with 1 cup water. Shake well. Spray through the hair and gently massage into the braids.

Secure their hair in a protective style. Leaving your child’s hair out is just asking for trouble. Their hair will easily tangle and can even become matted. If you put their hair up in a bun, twists, or a ponytail, it will keep their hair secure while they swim.

Wear a swim cap. There’s plenty of swim caps out there to choose from that completely cover your little one’s curls.

Caring for Hair After Swimming

Completely rinse out the chlorine. After your child has had all their fun and is ready to drop from exhaustion, rinse out the chlorine with luke-warm water. Rinse out their hair from root to tip for about 5 minutes. If their hair is loose, sectioning the hair into 2-4 sections will make it easier to rinse out.

Cleanse. After you rinse the chlorine, clean the hair with a cleansing conditioner. If they’re done swimming for the rest of the day, use a cleansing shampoo instead and then moisturize after. *For cornrows & braids – Mix 3 Tbsp cleansing shampoo, or conditioner, with 1 cup water and shake well. Spray and massage into the braids.

Deep condition. Using a deep conditioner after swimming is a vital step to keeping their hair healthy all summer long. Separate their hair into 4 sections and apply a generous amount of deep conditioner to the hair. Cover with a thermal cap and let sit for 30 minutes. *For cornrows & braids – Mix 3 Tbsp of deep conditioner with 1 cup water and shake well. Spray and massage into the braids.

Restore the hair’s natural moisture. One trusted method of restoring your child’s moisture to their natural hair is with the L.O.C. method. This method is named for the order that you apply the products to the hair. L is for liquid (water) or Leave-in. O is for oil. C is for cream (butter such as mongo, cocoa, or shea).

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