Try Out These Tips For Detangling Your Daughters Curls At Home

March 10 2023

We like to make sure that everyone has access to the information they need to take care of their children. If you can’t afford salon treatments, or just prefer to do hair at home, your kids still deserve to be able to have healthy, well-maintained hair. Detangling hair is a process, so getting a routine and understanding how to do it best will only make sure that your child never has a bad hair day.


How Often To Detangle The Curls


How often you detangle your hair can depend on the hair’s texture. Looser curls that can be considered more wavy than extremely curly should be tangled every couple of days. Straight-up curly hair should be detangled about once a week, and kinky, tightly coiled curls can go for two weeks before it is time to detangle it


Section It!


Sectioning your child’s hair will make detangling much easier. So it’s time to bust out some hair clips and start putting them into sections. The thick curls and waves will make it difficult to get through the hair if it is all in one clump. Use your fingers or the fine end of a fine comb to divide the hair into manageable pieces. Use the clips and hair ties to keep each piece from crossing over to the other and begin detangling, Start at the bottom and work your way up


Detangling Means Washing


Once your child’s hair has been thoroughly detangled, it’s wash time. So you want to make sure that you have timed this to line up with your wash day. Take it one section at a time, and give it a thorough cleanse. Gently massage the shampoo onto the scalp, making sure to break loose all the dirt and buildup. 


Use Conditioner


Conditioner is one of your best friends when you are a girl with curls. Curly hair is more prone to getting dry and brittle, so adding moisture back in directly is essential to keep it healthy. Getting the right products is important too, you want to make sure that they are free of sulfates, and parabens, and are formulated for curls. You can try our Bubbly Beautiful Leave In Conditioner Spray to keep your children’s hair hydrated and healthy. 


Time To Detangle


After all of this, it is time to finally start the detangling process. Gently begin using a wide tooth comb at the tips of your child’s hair and work your way up to get out all the tangles. You want to start at the end to avoid tearing or ripping the individual strands. You can get combs and detangling brushes that are specifically designed to detangle afro-textured hair to make the process easier for both yourself and your daughter. Work at it section by section, and practice patience. It’s a process, and you want it to be a pleasant one for both yourself and your child. So put on their favorite cartoon and get to work!


Rinse And Style


After all of this, rinsing and styling your child’s hair is the only remaining step. Make sure that no conditioner is left behind, and apply your leave-in conditioner. Then you add a simple style, like braids and your job is done. 


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