6 Most Popular Trendy Fall Hairstyles For Curly Girls

October 15 2022

When it comes to hair we want to be able to give our daughters as much confidence as possible! Beautiful hairstyles help boost that confidence, giving your little girl the tools she needs to navigate life feeling good about herself. So, keeping up with cool trendy hairstyles to give her can play a big role in ensuring that she gets that as she grows up. 


Twists, or two-strand twists, is a very low-tension style and are recommended for girls who are tender-headed. This is a loose style that doesn’t cause headaches or weaken the scalp. This is a great, versatile style just like box braids and keep the hair neat and tidy. 

Braided Buns

Whenever it comes to children who just can not bring themselves to sit still for a long time, you need a style that is quick and easy, but still cute. A braided bun is when hair is braided to the scalp into a ponytail and the end of the ponytail is wrapped into a bun. Some parents may twist the end of the hair to make the bun look fuller.

Afro Curls

When in doubt, this can be a quick go-to style! The key to preventing your curls from tangling up while in this style is to make sure your daughter's hair stays moisturized.  Applying hair pomade and leave-in conditioner can help assist with moisture. This is a quick style but is only meant to last a short amount of time.

Scalp Braids

Scalp Braids are stunning protective styles as well, that offer a bit of variety in style choices when you go to have them done. You could get your daughter's hair all braided or you try partial scalp braids with two-strand twists in the back. Once the twists are old, you can unravel the twists and wear the style as partial twists out with braids in the front.

Colorful Braids

Last but not least comes the colorful braids. This is one way to make scalp braids or box braids even more exciting! It personalizes them and makes them unique by adding a pop of wonderful color to your daughter’s hairstyle. It helps take away from the monotony of just a single color. This is a service that includes added hair for girls 6 years old and up. 

As always it is important to make sure that no matter what style you choose that your daughter’s hair remains healthy and hydrated so that no matter what style you choose, her hair will always be vibrant and beautiful! Check out our online shop for some great products to ensure you are always using the best of the best. 

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