Healthy Skin All Summer Long

July 15 2020

Summer is meant to be spent outside playing with friends, exploring, and soaking up the summer sun. Unfortunately, the heat, humidity, and the sun itself can be harmful to our children's skin. At Just 4 Girls, we know skin and hair health can go hand-in-hand, continue reading to discover ways to keep your child's skin healthy all summer long!

We know how important hydration is to keep skin healthy, but do the foods we eat also affect our skin? Summertime brings visions of funnel cakes at fairs and melty ice cream cones, but indulging too much in sugary treats can have a negative impact on our children's skin. Foods high in sugar can actually cause inflammation due to an increase in insulin levels in the blood. Pairing sweet treats with foods containing protein can help reduce the effects on your child's insulin levels. Increasing foods rich in Vitamin C can help reduce irritating bumps caused by clogged oil and sweat glands that often occur more during times of high heat and humidity.

Sun Protection
Overexposure to the sun's UVB rays can cause short- and long-term effects on our children's skin. Most dermatologists suggest applying sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every two hours while children are in the sun. SPF 30 sunscreen blocks up to 97% of UVB rays! We tend to dress in lighter-colored clothing during the summer; however, wearing lightweight clothes in darker colors such as red, green, and blue doesn’t absorb sunlight reducing the level of rays that get through! Did you know eyes can become sunburned? Easily prevent damaging eye burns by encouraging your child to wear full-coverage sunglasses while outside!

Healing Summer Skin Problems
No matter how careful we try to be, sunburns and other skin irritations can be common in the summer. Using fragrance-free soaps and moisturizers can help calm irritated skin affected by heat rash, these lightweight cleansers will clear away dirt without stripping natural oils from the skin. If your child's skin is sunburned, apply cold compresses and cooling aloe vera gel to the area to give them relief from pain and help start the skin's healing!

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