Do’s and Don’ts When Styling Your Child’s Natural Hair

January 31 2024

Ensuring the well-being of your daughter's hair is an ongoing responsibility, and navigating through the abundance of information on proper care can be overwhelming.
At Just For Girls, we emphasize the paramount importance of correct hair care, encompassing everything from protective styling to the choice of products. To guide you in this journey, we've compiled a list of do’s and don’ts when dealing with your child’s hair.

Avoid Super Tight Hairstyles:

Children's scalps are particularly delicate, and subjecting them to overly tight hairstyles can lead to hair breakage, thinning, and headaches. While protective styles are crucial, it's essential to strike a balance. If you opt for tighter hairstyles, ensure your child’s scalp gets sufficient rest. Vary the parts you make so that they're not consistently in the same place, reducing stress on the hair and scalp.

Make Wash Days Enjoyable:

Children can easily get bored, especially during activities like hair washing that take time. Turn this routine into a positive and enjoyable experience. Play their favorite cartoon or the soundtrack from a beloved movie. Transforming wash days into a fun activity not only makes the process smoother but also instills a positive attitude towards hair care.

Promote Healthy Diets:

A nutritious diet contributes not only to overall health but also to healthy hair. While ensuring your child's stomach is full is a priority, incorporating a balanced diet can positively impact the quality of their hair. Nutrient-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, support optimal hair health.

Say No to Rubber Bands:

Avoid using rubber bands on your child’s hair. They generate friction, causing damage, particularly when the hair is already prone to dryness. Rubber bands pull, are uncomfortable, and can be challenging to remove. Opt for alternatives like gentle hair ties or elastics to prevent unnecessary stress on the hair.

Moderate Product Usage:

A child's hair is still developing, and a simple and uncomplicated routine is often more effective. Stick to essentials like coconut oil, gentle moisturizing shampoo, and hydrating conditioner. While additional products can be incorporated as needed, maintaining a straightforward routine benefits both you and your daughter, making the process easier.

At Just 4 Girls Salon, our dedicated stylists are committed to assisting you in caring for your child's hair. If you wish to schedule an appointment, feel free to call or visit one of our two convenient locations today at 568 Fayetteville Rd SE in Atlanta (678) 927-0554 or 1295 W Spring St STE 101 (inside Smyrna Market Village) (678) 391-4622. You can also book online for any location. We are here to provide expert service and valuable advice to ensure your child's hair receives the care it deserves.