Awesome Girly Hairstyles For Natural Hair This Spring

March 23 2022

Spring has come for us and the temperatures are getting higher! Styling your child’s hair will be important for their comfort and confidence as we are sure you know. Sometimes though, it can be difficult to decide what styles to go with when you go to the salon. If you need some help deciding what hair to go with, we’ve compiled a list to help you out.

Braids and Beads

Braids decorated with beads are a cute route to go for your kid. Adding beads to your child’s braids is a common little girl's hairstyle, and it offers them the opportunity to give their hair extra detail and color while learning to appreciate their unique hair type and culture.

Box Braids

This hairstyle is great for the girly girls who want to look great but hate everyday styling. Box braids can last for up to six weeks and protect your child's hair from the sun and give it a break from excessive styling. Just make sure if you go to get it redone that you let the hair rest and change the parted places to reduce the risk of tiring out the scalp and hair.


Pigtail puffs are an adorable and easy look for your little girl! This look is good for those days when you just don’t have as much time to focus on styling. Keeping your daughter's hair in little uniform puffs on top of her head will keep her cool and stylish without excessive time and effort.

Bubble Pigtails

Pigtails are good, bubble pigtails are great! This is a good look for your school-aged child and one that’s easy enough to teach them while they’re young. Keep the look playful and colorful with different colored elastics or decorative clips at the ends.

Lifted Ponytail

If puffs aren’t for you, a high ponytail may be more your speed. This pretty look will help your child brave hot weather without getting overheated by placing the hair atop the head, pulling it away from the neck and out of the face.

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