Fun Hairstyles To Style Your Children With For A Fun Winter Look

December 15 2022

When it comes to your child’s hair, keeping it healthy and protected from the frigid cold during cold weather is an important part of teaching them how to properly take care of their hair. You want to make sure that they understand how and why protective styling can be so important in making sure their hair is able to be as healthy as it can be in the cold. Cold air is harsh and can be dehydrating and make hair already prone to dryness brittle. So doing what we can to add moisture and protect it from the elements is a must if it is to be kept healthy and thriving. Because of this, we want to make sure you know what the most trendy hairstyles are so your child can be both protected and stylish for the winter weather.

Box Braids + Bun

Box braids are protective and beautiful, and to complete the look and add an extra layer of protection, then putting those braids in a bun will make for an adorable appearance. When you have gone with box braids, having different ways to style them besides leaving them down helps your child with self-expression while teaching her how to care for her hair.

Double Patewo Look

This look is popular for children and is both easy to achieve and lasts up to two weeks. It is a series of gorgeous braids and twists and is easy to give to multiple children in a day if necessary. It can almost resemble a crown on the head, so your daughter will feel like a princess.

Beaded Heart Braids

Cornrows with beads are a great, simple, and effective style to keep your children's hair safe- but why not add a little extra something to it? Having some variety in braids is key in making it fun for your little girl, so having it braided so there are heart patterns on the head will make her feel that much more beautiful with her braids and beads.

Braided Bantu Knots

If you want to add something extra to the look with Bantu knots, adding braids can keep it protected and increase the amount of detail in the do. Not only is this quite lovely, but it is a great option to combine two different styles in a creative way. Your girls are sure to love a style like this.

Twin Puffs with Flat Twists

This cute look is perfect for little girls who enjoy easy pretty hairstyles. The twists create personality, last about a week, and is adorable on younger children. Make sure to moisturize the hair throughout the week, and you can even toss in some cute accessories!

Asymmetrical Cornrows

Cornrows are a classic, so how can they be stylized? By creating them with an asymmetrical look in mind. They can all go diagonal, or create unique patterns your kids will be excited to show off.

Simple High Puff

Little girls don't always need something ornate and flashy. Something simple like a high puff on top of the head will be cute, keep the hair safe and be easily achievable. Combine it with flat twists on the side of the head for extra, but simple detail perfect for any little girl who doesn’t like to sit for a while to get the more complex styles.

Beaded Cornrows

Adding beads to cornrows is another way to personalize this protective style. Let your daughter pick out pretty beads and ring cuffs, and she will be sure to appreciate this easy style. It will last her typically for a week upon getting it, and she will love it the whole time.

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