• Deep Conditioner

  • Shampoo/Blow Dry

  • Hot Oil Treatment

  • Bang Cut

  • Hair Cut

  • Trim

  • Curls…Curls…. Curls

  • Press & Curls

  • Rod Set

  • Spiral Curls

  • Up-Do’s

  • Hydration Therapy

  • Shampoo & Braids

  • Specialty Braids (i.e. Crown)

  • Shampoo & Style

  • Two Strand Twist with Braids

  • Twist All Over

  • Block Braids with Braids(Without added hair)

  • Block Braids All Over(Without added hair)

  • Braids with Added Hair

  • Block Braids with Added Hair

  • Added Hair Service is for Girls 7 & Up

  • A Deposit is required for all added Hair Service

Welcome to Just 4 Girls Smyrna!  

We are a specialty salon with a mission to provide services and knowledge for natural hair. At Just 4 Girls Smyrna, we believe in the importance of proper hair care from an early age, and that is why we cater to girls ages 1-16. Our priority is nurturing your child’s hair to make sure it starts healthy and remains healthy as they grow!

At Just 4 Girls Smyrna, we know that what makes natural hair unique and beautiful can also make its maintenance intimidating. Without a proper hair care regimen, natural hair can suffer breakage and other damage, and that is why we are here to help!

Natural kinky, curly hair is the most versatile hair type and can hold many different styles with little effort. Our professional staff works with you and your child to create a perfect style for them while maintaining the health and structure of their hair.

Whether your child wants straightened, wavy, or more defined curls, we strive to achieve these styles with minimal damage to their hair. Our salon also offers heat-free styling options, block braids, twists, and specialty braids, sleek, low-maintenance options that can highlight your child’s personal style.

Because our biggest goal is promoting knowledge on healthy and strong natural hair from a young age, we do not accept added hair appointments for girls under 7. While we understand there can be protective elements to added hair, these services can also cause significant damage.

At Just 4 Girls Smyrna, we know the fear of going to a stylist who doesn’t take our unique curl patterns and texture into consideration before they start snipping away. Our professional staff strives to treat your child as the individual they are and will analyze their hair to make sure they receive the best trim or cut for their hair.

Throughout all of our services, we only use tools and products that will nourish your child’s natural hair, from hydration treatments to braiding.

We know your child will leave Just 4 Girls Smyrna happy and confident with stronger, healthier hair.

Browse our full list of services below; our staff looks forward to working with you and your child to provide them with styles and services perfect for them!

*Prices may vary depending on the style, hair length and size of braids.

All styling services include a refreshing shampoo and conditioner. Beads and hair accessories are included.

Your daughter must be age 7 or older in order to get hair added with her service. We do not accept appointments for added hair for children under the age of 7. A deposit is required to be paid at least seven days in advance for services with added hair.